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Floor material
Eco-friendly inorganic flooring
Hicrete is a creative eco-friendly composite ceramic flooring made by crosslinking the oily resin with a self-developed polarity and a water-soluble curing agent and forming a strong fine porous coating film through a hydrofluoric reaction mechanism of hydraulic property ceramic materials with excellent air entraining property.Hydraulic ceramic materials are applied to water-based and oil-based binding coating agent containing graphene oxide, which is excellent in water resistance, tensile strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, and chemical resistance. It is especially excellent in slippery prevention performance and flame retardancy, so it is suitable for floors, factory floors, parking lots, etc. which require a lot of water.
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Hicrete Construction Method
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Characteristics of the Hicrete
  • Slip Resistance
    It can prevent slip accidents due to
    its high friction even in wet conditions.
  • Noise prevention
    It is excellent anti-noise function
    due to car tire friction.
  • Durability
    It has long durability due to strong
    wheel load resistance, adhesive power,
    and abrasion resistance.
  • Eco-Friendliness
    No organic solvents are used, so no harmful
    gas is generated, and there is no risk of human
    accidents in fires or confined spaces.
  • Retardant
    It is non-combustible material,
    so there is no risk of fire and no toxic gas.
  • Chemical Resistance
    It is excellent in harsh environments
    such as acid/alkali and chlorine.
Flooring 03
KS F 4937 Standard Product
Korean Industrial Standard KS F 4937 : 2019
Surface finishing material for parking slab
1. Application Scope
This standard specifies surface finishing material (hereinafter referred to as finishing material)
used for concrete floors in parking lots.
Test performance comparison table
Test item
Management standard
Test result
Test Method
  • Impact resistance
    There must be no holes, cracks,
    fine cracks, or falling off
    All right
    KS F 4937 : 2019
  • Adhesion performance
    1.2 or higher
    KS F 4937 : 2019
  • Wheel load resistance performance
    – Surface conditions
    There must be no holes, cracks, fine chipping, or
    falling off, and the lower layer must not be exposed.
    All right
  • Wheel load resistance performance
    – without thickness reduction
    3 mm or less
  • Watertight performance
    It must not be permeated to
    the surface of the base body.
    All right
  • TVOC emission amounts
    2.5 or less
    KS F 4937 : 2019
  • Toluene emission amounts
    0.12 or less
    KS F 4937 : 2019
  • Formaldehyde emission amounts
    0.08 or less
    KS F 4937 : 2019
Flooring 04
Construction Process Chart & Comparison Table
Construction Process Chart
Comparison Table of Surface Finishing Materials for Floor Structures
Division Hi Master Coat - eco-friendly composite
ceramic floor finishing material
Epoxy floor finishing material Mortar-type floor finishing material
(inorganic coating material)
It is a new concept eco-friendly composite ceramic flooring construction method that forms a strong microporous coating film through the hydration reaction mechanism of hydraulic ceramic powder with excellent air entraining effect due to the molecular structure in which water and oil are combined. It is a floor finishing construction method through which the thickness of the coating film can be freely adjusted with a floor paint whose main components are epoxy resin, hardener, pigment and filler. It is a flooring material made of cement mortar-type inorganic powder, functional polymer, etc. And it is a finishing construction method through which it is possible to construct on wet concrete.
  • It is an eco-friendly organic/inorganic composite product, so no organic solvents are used.
  • It has an excellent tire friction noise prevention function.
  • It has excellent mechanical and chemical quality performances including excellent adhesive power, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and water resistance.
  • It can prevent slip accidents by maintaining high friction in wet conditions.
  • It has an excellent fire safety property as a flame retardant product.
  • Reduction of maintenance cost due to long durability and easy partial repair
  • Its finish is splendid due to the use of high -strength flooring.
  • Excellent oil resistance, acid resistance, and abrasion resistance
  • Various colors can be created and there are various product.
  • It is possible to construct on wet base.
  • It is water soluble product that does not generate toxic gas during/after construction.
  • It has non-slip function thanks to the adsorption of material.
  • It is safe against fire as an inorganic product.
  • It is a three-liquid type product, so uniform mixing is required.
  • It needs to be careful for the temperature during winter storage.
  • There may occur film lifting and peeling due to moisture.
  • There may be damage caused by weight impact.
  • There is noise due to severe tire friction.
  • Toxic gas is generated in case of fire during/after construction.
  • There is a risk of odor and fire due to the use of thinner during construction.
  • The surface is slippery and silica sand is sprayed on the surface for non-slip.
    (Silica sand sprayed during use is removed)
  • Material cost varies greatly depending on the thickness.
  • Air bubbles may be happen depending on the application of the undercoat
  • Due to its poor adhesive power, there is lifting and peeling of the coating film.
  • The surface is rough and fouling resistant is poor (separate additional coating is required) (slip resistance is reduced when surface is coated).
  • 표면이 거칠고 내오염성 불량(별도 추가코팅필요)(표면코팅시 내미끄럼성 저하)
  • It cannot be applied with uniform color.
  • It has low workability and efflorescence occurs at high temperature, low temperature, and high humidity
  • It is designated as an excellent procurement product.
  • It satisfies all the items of KS F 4929.
  • Performance certification, eco-friendly certification, and quality certification (Q-mark)
  • Possession of KC certification and many patents
  • KS F 4921 standard (epoxy product)
  • Eco-friendly certification
  • Quality certification (Q mark)
Conclusion * Because of its excellent slip resistance and anti-friction noise technology, it is highly convenient and safe to use. As a semi-incombustible product, it has excellent fire safety and does not use solvents, so there is no suffocation accident or complaints. Therefore, we recommend this Hybrid Master Coat construction method.
※The above table is a standard comparison table for each category and there may be difference in a specific construction method. Please contact the head office for details
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  • KS F 4929
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